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January 14, 2011
Wow, it's 2011. No entries for 2010. So much for 2010.

November 3, 2009
The new album is on iTunes! Click here for the iTunes link.

September 7, 2009
Spoke too soon. The second album is done. But it will be awhile before it gets to iTunes or gets duplicated. See the song samples at:

September 3, 2009
Marius almost finished his second album this summer, over 2 1/2 years since we started it. Just one more song to finish, but when? See the song samples at:

March 8, 2009
Marius sings "Open Arms" at a wedding. This is an aria-like version sung mostly in Italian. Click here to see the YouTube video.

January 9, 2009
Well, we're still here. Unfortunately, Marius has been singing at too many memorials.

August 4, 2008
Marius is finally back recording this summer after being away from it for over a year and a half. Hopefully we can finish his mini-album before school starts up again.

August 20, 2007
It seems that Welsh salesman Paul Potts' singing of the aria "Nessun Dorma" while winning "Britain's Got Talent" has had a residual effect on Marius' version as indicated by a sudden rise in sales of the tune in the digital arena. Our thanks to Paul Potts.

April 23, 2007
Finally, all 14 tracks on the album have been accounted for in the world of digital sales. Mostly on iTunes, Rhapsody and Napster. On iTunes, the tracks have sold in six different countries -- USA, Canada, Europe, UK, Australia, Japan.

January 15, 2007
We're putting together a mini-album called "To Where You Are" featuring pop songs with an operatic twist. Marius was able to record a number of them over the Christmas break. Visit to hear the samples.

December 14, 2006
Added two more videos from Marius's Dec 10 guest singer gig. See the next box below.

October 25, 2006
Found a couple of videos from a few years ago and put them up on Scroll down to the next box to see the links.

September 19, 2006
The album is finally on iTunes! Click here for the iTunes link.

September 6, 2006
Well, summer is over and Marius did not get the big gigs we were expecting. Just several guest solos, all well received. So Marius did a lot of yard work. But now it's back to school.

April 26, 2006
For more on the "Aida" story, Click here to read the 03/26 Press Release (photo of the chorus added 04/26).

March 20, 2006
Marius and Melody are hastily recruited by Opera Pacific to fill out the "Ethiopian Chorus" in Verdi's "Aida" for Opera Pacific's upcoming April performance of "Aida" at the Orange County Performing Arts Center. This is a rather strange developing story. More details later.

March 12, 2006
One of our latest customers is Leila Forentino, who took over lead role of "Kim" in "Miss Saigon" on Broadway from Lea Salonga in '92/'93. She is now an Independent singer/songwriter playing at Borders Cafes around LA. What a transition.

February 10, 2006
One of our customers, Dr. Harry Wong, says Marius's voice is "fantastic." He then informs us that he is a close friend of the mother of Cheryl Burke, the Filipina who is the professional dance partner of Drew Lachey on the hit program "Dancing with the Stars."

January 10, 2006
Happy New Year! Well, we have a Web site, we're at CD Baby, we're at, we're at, we're using Google AdWords. But nothing beats selling CDs out of a box!

December 2, 2005
Marius' CD is finally available for purchase. See below for special Internet price.

November 15, 2005
The CD is in the shop being replicated. We'll set it up as a fundraiser for various organizations in order to generate initial sales.

October 16, 2005
Three years after we started this project, we finally have a CD cover. Also, each song has a photo as well. Just click on an audio sample on the left to see its photo.

October 2, 2005
Finally did a photo shoot at Western High. Hopefully we'll get a CD cover and Web photos out of it.

September 19, 2005
The Web site for the CD Single "If & When" is launched. This is a side project, a remake of the 70's classic "If" as a blend of pop, opera and rap. Audio samples are available on that page.

August 27, 2005
Marius has finally recorded "Gethsemane" with modern rock trax by cousin Nathan David. This is the last song on the album, but there are still some things to do to finish the album. At least Marius is done, and the album is close to finally being finished. An audio sample is available on the left.

April 22, 2005
Cousin Erich Parungao comes over and records the instrument parts for "For All We Know," replacing the MIDI parts. A revised audio sample is available on the left.

April 11, 2005
Marius records his part of "For All We Know," done as a duet. Jubel Obien recorded her part back in October of 2004. The audio sample on the left is a Temporary version that uses four MIDI instruments. We'll replace them later.

January 7, 2005
Marius records "This Is The Moment" from "Jekyll & Hyde." I was not able to get the special version I had tried for over a year to have done, so we had to settle for another minus one. An audio sample is available on the left.

December 30, 2004
Drummer cousin Dodi Parungao records drum tracks for "For All We Know." This will unfortunately be the only song he appears in.

October 27, 2004
Rocker cousin Nathan David completes his modern rock accompaniment for "Gethsemane." This is actually a revision of one he did last year.

October 3, 2004
Singer/songwriter Jubel Obien comes over to record three duets. Audio samples for two of the duets, both from "Miss Saigon" are available on the left. The third one won't be available for a while.

September 25, 2004
Soprano Melody Versoza returns to re-record the songs she recorded last year. She wanted different versions, so I got her different versions. Audio samples are available on the left.

July 29, 2004
Ok, the reverb on the five latest songs has been redone. I just had to remove the high frequency roll-off which was making it dull.

July 28, 2004
Marius tells me the reverb on the latest songs is wrong. Well, yes it is, but it's because he moved closer to the mic. Now I have to redo them again. Maybe tomorrow or the next day.

July 26, 2004
Over the last two weeks, Marius has re-recorded "Ave Maria, "You'll Never Walk Alone" and "Nessun Dorma!" and has recorded two new songs, "A Time For Us" and "Che gelida manina." Audio samples are available on the left. Finally, his album is half done.

June 27, 2004
Pianist Morris Villarosa records keyboards for "For All We Know," arranged by Ed Parungao. We'll use real instruments for the other parts of this song.

March 22, 2004
Pianist Morris Villarosa re-records "Libiamo." An existing recording of the song is used as a beat track allowing us to steal the choruses and put them into our mix.

February 19 & March 1, 2004
Andre remixes Marius' four songs even though Marius plans to re-record three of them. The remixes focus on volume levels and panning of instruments. Melody's songs are remixed as well.

February 17, 2004
Pianist Stella Kotova re-records "A Time For Us." The first version was too fast.

January 5, 2004
Marius records "You'll Never Walk Alone" and the famed aria "Nessun Dorma!" during the Christmas break. Audio samples are available on the left. Both songs need some rework.

December 5, 2003
The infamous Kobe song "Trouble Smile" is unleashed on the Web page Marius sings the Pagliacci opera samples on this most unusual rock song.

November 27, 2003
Marius re-records "Ave Maria." Perhaps we can move on to other songs now.

October 26, 2003
Marius re-records "The Lord's Prayer" while fires rage in the mountains.

September 4, 2003
Marius finally records a couple of songs, "Ave Maria" and "The Lord's Prayer." Full-length audio files are available on the left. He plans to re-record both of them. Wow, great progress.

July 9, 2003
Soprano Melody Versoza beats Marius to the punch and records her two solos. Full-length audio files are available on the left.

April 26, 2003
Pianist Gordon Lejarde records accompaniment for Ed Parungao's "The Lord's Prayer."

April 24, 2003
Pianist Stella Kotova records accompaniment for "A Time For Us," arranged by Ed Parungao.

February 25, 2003
Pianist Stella Kotova records accompaniment for "Libiamo."

December 23, 2002
Pianist Gordon Lejarde finally comes over and records accompaniments for "Ave Maria" (Bach/Gounod) and "You'll Never Walk Alone," arranged by uncle Ed Parungao.

October 10, 2002
Marius' Web page is under construction while his debut CD is being developed. It looks like it will take a long long time to complete the CD.

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