National Anthem Aria
The Star Bangled Banner for Operatic Tenors

To All Operatic Tenors:

We have modified the Star Spangled Banner to be more aria-like, specifically for operatic tenors. First we changed the song from 3/4 to 4/4, then we smoothened out the melody with longer tones and some "tenor moments." We'd like to see this version become the "official" version for operatic tenors.

You can download the sheet music in PDF format below which requires the Acrobat reader to view, which you likely already have. If not, you can download it from The sheet music contains only voice and piano, and is free of charge.

Download NationalAnthemAria.PDF

(Modified melody by Andre Evangelista)
(Piano arrangement by J. Aaron Stanley)

NEW: We now have a piano/strings accompaniment MP3 which you can download for free below and use for performance or recording. The MP3 is compressed at 256K for quality, and is about 3.7mb in size.

Download NationalAnthemAriaAcc.MP3

(Accompaniment created by

Note that the accompaniment is a bit tricky on the first verse, so please listen to the recording below by Filipino-American tenor Marius Evangelista to see how it goes. Note also Marius's extended ending, not written in the sheet music.

Please give this version a try so the next time you're asked to sing the National Anthem, perhaps you can perform this version. If you are not an operatic tenor, please don't even bother looking at this version; it's not for you.

If you can record your performance, live or not, please email us an MP3, or mail us a CD of your recording and we'll be happy to post it below.

Thank you.

National Anthem Aria Recordings
Tenor Date Pianist Info DSL/Cable 56K Modem 56K Modem
Marius Evangelista February 18, 2006 Accompaniment Trax MP3 Audio Wma Audio Real Audio

(c) 2006 AEvangelista
All Rights Reserved

June 13, 2011
Actually, the interpretation above is too bombastic. It's really supposed to be a lot smoother.
Here is Marc Anthony singing a very similar version in the smooth way we orginally intended: