National Anthem Aria
The Star-Spangled Banner for Operatic Tenors

To All Operatic Tenors:

We have modified the Star-Spangled Banner to be more aria-like,
specifically for operatic tenors.
First we changed the song from 3/4 to 4/4, then we smoothened out the melody
with longer tones and some "tenor moments."
We'd like to see this version become the "official" version for operatic tenors.

You can download it PDF format below which contains the modified
melody and lyrics.

Download NationalAnthemAria.PDF

Note: We are working on getting a backing track MP3 and a
tenor recording of this.

Please give this version a try so the next time you're asked to sing
the National Anthem, perhaps you can perform this version.
If you are not an operatic tenor, please don't even bother looking
at this version as it's not for you.

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