"An eclectic blend of pop, opera and rap ..."
"An innovative remake of Bread's 70's classic 'If' ..."

Marius Evangelista
a Filipino-American Tenor
"Gelo" Francisco
Love Rapper

"The Dream"
"The Stroll"
da Vinci
"Lady with Ermine"
Van Gogh
"Adeline Ravoux"
'Marius & Gelo"

"If & When" One-minute Audio Sample:
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Words & Music by David Gates of Bread
(c) 1971 Sony / ATV Tunes LLC
Vocals by Marius Evangelista
If a picture paints a thousand words, 

then why can't I paint you?

The words will never show 

the you I've come to know.

If a face could launch a thousand ships, 

then where am I to go?

There's no one home but you -- 

you're all that's left me to.

And when my love 

for life is running dry,

You'll come and pour 

yourself on me.

If a man could be two places at one 

time, I'd be with you

Tomorrow and today, 

beside you all the way.

If the world should stop revolving, spinning 

slowly down to die,

I'd spend the end with you, 

and when the world was through,

Then one by one, 

the stars would all go out,

Then you and I 

would simply fly a-

Lyrics by Andre Evangelista
(c) 2005 Andre Evangelista
Vocals by "Gelo" Francisco
Picasso, Monet, da Vinci, Van Gogh
Color my world wherever you go
Oil on canvas, chasing the light
Wandering brush strokes, impressionist's plight

Tip of my tongue, tangled up prose
Walk in a fog and search for a rose
Light of my life, star in the sky
Box of chocolates, sweet cherry pie

Ends of the Earth, I cling to the edge
Gotta get back to renew my pledge
Finding my way I don't wanna be
A haunted ship on an empty sea

Fame and fortune, lust and greed
The devil's promise - fulfill every need
It's cold on the outside trying to get in
Much too much time to ponder my sin

Spirit broken, drained of soul
A waste of life in an unlit hole
Fading fast, I got no gas
Ain't nobody gonna save my ass

Angel of mercy! Out of thin air!
Love and compassion, emergency care
Forgiveness and strength to keep me afloat
Warm sweet nectar flowing down my throat

Lock me up baby, tie me all down 
Don't let this fool get out on the town
Wireless leash, GPS cell
Tracking my ass like a little doggie bell

Give up the road and work from home
Sell junk on eBay like rubber and chrome
Do all the chores with a great big smile
A Merry Maid moment makes it all worthwhile

Stop the world! I wanna get off!
Beam me up Scotty 'cause I've had enough!
Pack up our bags and head for the stars
Whip around Jupiter Saturn and Mars

Apocalypse Now, The War of the Worlds
Poor little Earth just a faded-ass pearl
Nobody left, just you and me
Adam and Eve of the galaxy

The farther we go, the darker it gets
The light of your love calms all my regrets
Guided through space by a force unseen
Spiritual compass, divine machine

Yawn I'm back, it was all just a dream
A great escape with a juvenile theme
A starry-eyed fantasy meant for two
But this my love I can promise to you:

When the sky is no longer blue
When the one plus one is not two
When the truth is no longer true
That's the day I'll stop loving you

"If" (Marius Solo) One-minute Audio Sample:
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These two tracks are now part of Marius's new album
"To Where You Are" at www.ToWhereYouAre.com

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Marius's New Album
To Where You Are,
Hello Again,
Open Arms, Words,
Right Here Waiting,
Because We Believe,
No One, If I Fell, If

Produced by Andre Evangelista
Strings, Bass by Erich Parungao
Guitar by Nathan David

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