FoxPro DOS, FoxBase, dBASE III Conversion
To Visual FoxPro or PHP/MySQL

Even though Microsoft has discontinued Visual FoxPro, it is important to note that
it still runs fine under Windows 7 & 8. Therefore, you can keep it running for a
very long time, especially with the glut of PCs out there due to the sudden switch
to mobile devices.

Thus there is no rush to get out of VFP. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying.

If you are still in FoxPro DOS, FoxBase, dBASE III or Clipper, it is better to get out
of DOS now. I specialize in the conversion of FoxPro DOS programs to VFP with minimal
modifications to the code. I do not rewrite the systems. Rather, I modify only what is
absolutely necessary to get the programs to run under VFP.

If you can Zip up your FoxPro code and sample data and email it to me, I can give you
a free estimate for the conversion to VFP. If the Zip is too big for email, I can give
you an FTP login so you can FTP it to me. I also have a program to reduce all your DBF
files to 100 records max each if you have too much data.

If you have an abandoned VFP system, I can support it for a low hourly rate.

If you want out of FoxPro, I recommend Web-based, Linuxed-based PHP/MySQL.
This will get you out of Microsoft's .Net world and into the free, open-source world.
I have found PHP to be a very easy transition from FoxPro. However, note that a
rewrite takes far longer than a conversion.

Here is a link to a simple PHP/MySQL/AJax phone book sample that I wrote,
with data exported from a FoxPro DBF file:

Contact me to discuss the issues.
I go back to 1984 dBASE II.

Cypress, CA 90630

Cypress is on the western edge of Orange County,
about 25 miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles.