Andre Evangelista
"La speranza ti guiderą" (Hope will guide you)
An Epic Duet. A Sucessor To "The Prayer."

Visitations from the Other Side
(an eBook on Amazon/Kindle)

Marius Evangelista Debut Album - Pop@Opera.mus
Marius Evangelista Second Album - To Where You Are

YouTube Videos II
(The Star-Spangled Banner for Operatic Tenors)
(Cafe Press Silly T-Shirts and More)

Two Filipino Choirs

Siobhan Magnus Tribute
Jasmine Trias Tribute
Haley Scarnato's Legs Tribute

"If & When"
("If" as a blend of pop, opera and rap)

Mamerto Evangelista

Troubled Smile

Selfie April 2014

In memory of my mother,
May de Pano Evangelista (1933-2013)

Stan visits us in San Diego, 1967,68
Scans done from 1997-2006
The Funeral on YouTube

Marius' New Album - To Where You Are
Marius' New Album available on iTunes

Marius' album available on iTunes
Marius' album available at CD Baby
Marius' album available at
Marius' page at
Marius' Own YouTube Videos

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