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"Troubled Smile" describes fictitious events involving fictitious characters. Any similarities between the characters in the song to any real persons, living or dead, are purely coincidental.

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"Troubled Smile" song
by Andre Evangelista
(c) 2003 Andre Evangelista

Opera samples from the aria
"Vesti la giubba"
recorded by Filipino-American tenor
Marius Evangelista

"Troubled Smile" rock accompaniment
recorded by Nathan David

"Troubled Smile" lead vocals
recorded by Russian Lady

Recurring Theme from the phrase
"Vesti la giubba, e la faccia infarina."

"Vesti la giubba" aria
from the opera "I PAGLIACCI"
by Ruggiero Leoncavallo

Nasty Last Line
recorded by Mao

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Javier whatever, at the hotel
Time for a game of show and don't tell
Blonde one looks good, ready to play
Served like a burger, have it your way

Get on the tour, act real nice
What a great cover for your little vice
Get to the door, she's coming in
Now it is time for the game to begin

Take off the mask, time to reveal
the monster inside you, the true real deal

Ridi, Pagliaccio,
sul tuo amore infranto.
Ridi del duol che t'av-velena il cor.

Getting it on, inside the room
Don't seem to care that this could spell doom
Where is your wife, where is your child?
Don't matter now cause you're going wild

Pushing her down, she's saying no
She must be crazy cause you gotta go
Says it again, why can't you hear?
You got the devil clogging your ear

Tear her apart having your fun
Hand on her throat's like the point of a gun

in una smorfia il singhiozzo e'l dolor Ah!
Ridi, Pagliaccio,
sul tuo amore infranto.
Ridi del duol che t'av-velena il cor.

See you got busted, mug shot and all
People been waiting for your great fall
Bring in the lawyers, a ring for the wife
Pretty you up for the fight of your life

But don't worry boy, you got nothing to fear


Ridi, Pagliaccio,
sul tuo amore infranto.
Ridi del duol che t'av-velena il cor.


The opera I PAGLIACCI:

Canio, his wife Nedda, and their troupe perform adulterous comedies in their traveling shows. This time, though, life imitates art. Canio has just been warned that Nedda is in the arms of another man. When Canio arrives, the man is gone. "Tell me his name!" he threatens. Just at that moment, they announce, "It's show time!"

Canio is a Pagliaccio, a clown in old Italian comedy who receives all the knocks of life. The plural, I Pagliacci, refers to the whole troupe. And so it is Canio's role to bring joy to the audience, though he is in the deepest depths of despair.


Recitar!... mentre preso dal delirio
non so più quel che dico
e quel che faccio!
Eppur... è d'uopo... sforzati!
Bah! Sei tu forse un uom?
Tu se' Pagliaccio!
Vesti la giubba,
e la faccia infarina.
La gente paga e rider vuole qua.
E se Arlecchin t'invola Colombina,
ridi, Pagliaccio, e ognun applaudirà!
Tramuta in lazzi lo spasmo ed il pianto,
in una smorfia il singhiozzo e'l dolor - Ah!
Ridi, Pagliaccio,
sul tuo amore infranto.
Ridi del duol che t'av-velena il cor.

Perform! In the throes of delirium?
I no longer know
what I'm saying or what I'm doing!
Still... I must... force myself!
Bah! Are you a man or not?
You're just a clown!
Put on your costume,
and cover your face with flour.
People are paying, they want to laugh.
And when Arlecchino takes away your Colombina,
laugh, you clown, and everyone will applaud!
Turn into jest the spasms and weeping;
into a grimace the tears of pain - Ah!
Laugh, clown,
at your broken love.
Laugh at the pain that poisons your heart.

ENRICO CARUSO sings "Vesti la giubba"

I found an mp3 on the Web of this 1907 Caruso recording,
read it into a sound editor, boosted the volume and added reverb.

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(c) 2003 AEvangelista
All Rights Reserved

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